Athlete Testimonials

“Amazing! I want them to come back”

“They were very patient, they let everyone have a say, and gave me a chance to talk”

“Amazing people. They made me feel safe and comfortable”

“They did a really good job of getting us to think about topics we have never talked about before”

“They definitely know how to talk to players and opened my mind to issues in the game of hockey”

“ Jess and Paula did not make you speak. I really like that you had the option to speak whenever you wanted”

“They were very open to feedback which was great”

Parent Testimonials

“There was not enough time. Please come back”

“Opened my eyes to the importance of balance in life, not just focusing on sport”

“I really like how the lines of communication have been opened and the boys were given a safe space to share”

“I had no idea some of the pressure the boys might be facing. I gained awareness in the hour and a half”

“Great open discussion and hoping it continues”

“Very good video that really opened my eyes to some underlying issues my son might be facing”