Shifting the way athletes identify & honour their mental health.

MindfulAthletics offers individual meetings and workshops that invite athletes, parents, and coaches to explore, develop, and support one another both personally and athletically.

Team Workshops

MindfulAthletics offers a selection of off-ice program. Two performance facilitators will lead 60-minute psycho-educational discussion workshops with athletes. Workshops focus on mental wellness and mental health awareness.

Parent Workshops

MindfulAthletics offers parent workshops. Two performance facilitators will lead 60-minute psycho-educational and discussion workshops with parents. Workshops focus on mental health of athletes and how to best support.

Speaking Engagements

MindfulAthletics offers speaking engagements with a focus on the mental health of athletes and how to be positive social responders to those we lead and support.

About Us

The sporting world does a fantastic job of developing young athletes’ physical abilities to perform by offering and encouraging many different off-ice options. As athletes become more physically equipped to play their game, their ability to cope with the added pressures and expectations that exist within the game is often under developed.

For the past five years, MindfulAthletics has provided psychoeducational workshops to athletes, parents, and coaches on the topic of Mental Health in Sport. Mindful has covered an array of topics related to mental wellness in athletes as individuals first, athletes second. Throughout work with individual athletes, teams, associations, Universities, and National level Sporting Organizations Mindful has highlighted the importance of supporting individual and athletic mental health from the sporting culture standpoint. This approach encourages sport leaders to become the change agents when it comes to the mental wellbeing of athletes.

Mental Health in sport is one of the most important aspects of athletic performance. More importantly, the mental health of athletes is crucial to the well-being of young people as they develop both athletically and personally. Coaches have the unique role of influencers in the life of the athlete and can be invaluable in creating openness and acceptance when it comes to mental health. Contact us for more information in exploring how coaches can be positive social responders and have tremendous impact on our athletes and the community at large.

Our Founders

Paula McQuaid

Cofounder / Psychotherapist

Paula McQuaid was born and raised in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. While attending school she enjoyed playing soccer and rugby. Paula completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology form the University of PEI as well as Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from St. Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. While conducting research based around mental health and distress in cancer patients in 2009 Paula went on to receive her Masters in Counselling from Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington.

Ms. McQuaid’s past work experience includes working with youth and adults in both individual and group settings. More recently, she has taken particular interest in the athletic community with a focus on the mental well-being of athletes. Paula has also had the opportunity to work with Hockey Canada as a Mental Performance Consultant with the Women’s U-18 National Team, winning a bronze medal(2018), gold medal (2019) and silver medal (2020) at IIHF World Championships.

Paula is a Professional Member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, a nation-wide accredited body that works to enhance mental health services provided to Canadians.

Jessica Renney 

Cofounder / Psychotherapist

Jessica Renney was born in Trail, British Columbia and raised in Western Canada. Jessica attended the University of Lethbridge where she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. Jessica later attended the University of Victoria and was awarded a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology. Since that time, Jessica has worked with both adults and youth dealing with substance misuse struggles and mental health concerns. More recently, she has specialized in the development of mental well-being within the athletic community.

In addition to her education, Jessica brings a very unique personal experience to MindfulAthletics. Ms. Renney’s father coached in the NHL for 13 years. During that time she was encouraged to play many different sports and quickly learned the value of a competitive athletic environment (especially to a young person on the move!).

Jessica is a Professional Member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, a nation-wide accredited body that works to enhance mental health services provided to Canadians.

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